Quizzes are staged to test a Pony Clubber's theoretical knowledge of horsemanship and of various Pony Club activities. Regional Quiz competitions qualify pony club members to participate in the annual National Quiz.

In Quiz, Pony Club members compete as teams ...without horses or ponies. Quiz tests knowledge, not skills. Quiz has three parts: a written test, which each competitor does independently; a visual test where competitors have to identify strange ...obscure ...unusual objects of a horsy nature by sight, again individually; and an oral test which may be done either individually or by team (each team gets to confer before answering) depending on a decision made each year well before the competition. Each individual's scores go toward his/her team's total.

A word to the wise....Pony Club members who participate in Quiz somehow seem to do very well in testing. Studying for Quiz has that carryover.


Awards are given to sixth place for both team and individual overall placings at each of the "C" and "A/B" levels.

There are several trophies given to each of the top competitors and teams.


Billie Mann Memorial Bursary:

The "Billie Mann Memorial Bursary" is awarded to the top individual at the "A/B" level. The award is $100.00 plus a plaque commemorating Mrs. Mann. The trophy will be inscribed after the quiz and returned to the National Office for display.

Mrs. C.C. "Billie" Mann was a great supporter and promoter of the Canadian Pony Club who passed away in 1992. She was instrumental in getting the Pony Club in Canada where it is today. She revived the Ottawa Valley Hunt after WWII, and served as its Joint Master. She started the Ottawa Pony Club to get young people involved and interested, organizing the first Inter-Branch Rally at Montebello, Quebec. After moving back to Toronto, she organized three-day eventing, and founded and served on the Canadian Pony Club Advisory Board. She helped promote tetrathlon, served as Joint Master of the Eglinton Hunt and developed the famous Jokers Hill Farm in King City, Ontario.*


Horse & Country Magazine Award:

Horse & Country Magazine has donated a trophy for the top C team. The CPC provides a small keeper plaque for each team member. The trophy will be inscribed after the quiz and returned to the National Office for display.


Adele Rockwell Memorial Award:

This award is in memory of Adele Rockwell who passed away in 1998.

Adele (Davies) Rockwell was an Honorary Life Member and Director of the Canadian Pony Club. She came from a long line of horsepeople. She was the first member of the Canadian Pony Club to achieve the A level, as a member of the Eglinton Pony Club in the mid-1930's, later becoming an A examiner. In 1939, she became DC of the Eglinton Pony Club, which was at that time the only recognized Branch in North America. She kept the Pony Club alive through the difficult war years, and went on to captain the Eglinton team at the first Pony Club Rally in Montebello, Quebec in 1948. Her high standards and love of horses set many young people on course to become life-long equestrians. Her many students include international riders, judges, stewards, breeders and show organizers.

Through the 1950s, she went on to help expand the Pony Club throughout North America. From 1959 on, she and her husband Dick, ran the Ardmore Stud, raising prize winning Welsh ponies for both riding and driving. In 1977, Mrs. Rockwell was presented with the Martini-Rossi trophy as the Horsewoman of the Year. By 1982, she had been made an Honorary Life Member of the Canadian Pony Club in recognition of her accomplishments and many years of service to the organization.

Those who have had the privilege of meeting or working with Adele Rockwell will long remember this tiny lady with the vast store of energy, firm will and great love of horses and ponies. Her memory serves as a reminder of what Pony Club is and will be - a great organization full of great people.**
This award includes a keeper plaque, and $50.00 and will go to the top C individual competitor.


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