April 21 & 22 2012 - Guelph Tet


Hey sports fans!!!!

We should all be proud to know that of 90 competitors this weekend, Caledon had 11 entries, the largest club representation. All members were positive, supportive, and respectful, a tradition which we proudly strive to uphold every year. Caledon rocks!!

A big day in sports today as the Blue Jays win, Hockey playoffs continue, and Caledon Pony Club dominated at the Guelph Tetrathlon Meet!!

Yes you heard it here first folks….day one of the Guelph Tetrathlon meet, with a strong field of over 90 competitors, took place today and Caledon members had strong showings across all divisions.

In the highly competitive Novice girls division,with over 30 athletes, Morgan McLean finished 12th place.
In Novice B, Trinity Sachau-Sherman bravely won a fifth place finish.
In the Novice boys division, Colin Thomson finished 3rd out of 8 athletes, with solid swim and run results.
Competing in her second year, Shalea Shackleton had a strong 2nd place in the Junior girls division.
Caledon stormed the boys Green Junior division, with outstanding results…..1st place for Stuart Synnott in his first ever Tetrathlon, 3rd place for Cody McLean and 4th place for Michael Kadish , also in their first Tet.
In the Senior boys division, John Paul Thomson continued his mastery over his Headwaters archrivals and took first place, while brother Joey Thomson took fourth place in his first Tet competition in many years.

Tomorrow, cheer on five Caledon members who will fence and ride to round out a complete Pentathlon: Morgan, Cody, John Paul, Joseph, Colin. They will be joined in the afternoon for the ride portion by Trinity, who will have completed a full Tetrathlon, and by Taylor DeBattista, whose specialty this year is the ride.

A quick update on the final results for Caledon Tet Team, after the second day of competition at the Guelph Mini-Meet: a true test of endurance mettle.
In Novice B women, our own Trinity Sachau-Sherman had a clear round and moved up from 5th to 3rd place in a field of 10.

In Novice women, Morgan McLean also had a clear round, bringing her final result to 10th in a very highly competitive field of 28! In fencing, Morgan bravely squared off and won against one particularly aggressive and much older competitor, aka "the mad woman".

In Novice men, Colin Thomson rode a very large horse, completing the course for a final finish of 2nd place overall.

In Green Junior men, Cody McLean completed a clear round in a technically challenging jumper course, moving him up to a second place overall finish.

In Senior women, Taylor DeBattista braved the course on a large very forward and challenging jumper horse, and though she didn't complete her points, we applaud her courage in facing her first jumper course at no less than the Senior level - no easy feat!

In Senior men, John Paul Thomson had a clear round, putting him in first place for his division in a field of 6.

Joseph Thomson, returning to Pony Club and Tetrathlon after several years' hiatus, finished 2nd overall in Senior men after the jumper course, and he was undefeated in all 6 fencing matches.